Showing Up

Finally back to it. I’ve waited a little longer to post anything on CEDT because i wanted to give my life some time to settle. If you have kept up you know that I have recently rejoined the race and am currently sharing my talents with a new brand within and old company. Without getting into details, I’ve been given the opportunity to shape a brand into what I see for it. It is my vision in conjunction with a spectacular team and equally visionary directors and managers. I am happy to be BACK!

Now that I am back into the swing of things, I constantly remind myself of why I am here. I remind myself of where I just was. I hold fast to the hunger I had while searching for the next shot. That keeps me sharp, but its a double edge sword as well. Creating is what I do, and my job solely revolves around that. I love that but it can also turn me into a workaholic if I am not mindful. I can easily zone into what I am doing., and when working under deadlines I often push myself past my limits.

I think its important to show up, but equally important to go home. When i say “show up” I mean to show and prove. To prove yourself not only to your new employer but also to yourself. But when its time to go home, its time to go home. We can work late, we can go in early, we can pull all nighters, but squeezing blood from rocks is pointless. As a creative professional I need to rest my mind to recharge. Getting away from your passion can only keep it strong in my opinion. What you do to relax the muscle is up to you.

You figure it out.

God Bless


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The Important Things

This years holiday season was full of so much life for me. It’s hard to describe but sometimes in our lives we have moments that change everything about our worlds. I sit and try to find things to write about, and although I have been able to give my thoughts and feelings about my career over the past few weeks, this past week my particular  circumstances have taken a back seat.

We just made it past another Christmas holiday, but rather than stressing about how much I could afford to spend on gifts or what I had under the tree my focus was on something much more important. I am a very very family oriented person, and this holiday my family faced the very real possibility of that dynamic changing. Without getting into details, this holiday season made me take a step back and really reflect on what is important to me.

I was able to let go of everything and focus on my family and making this holiday a memorable one. Thank GOD that we were able to do that, and the cloud over my family has been lifted and the sun shines again. I let go of all of my fears and really settled on life. Living life and letting those around me that are important know how important they are. They drive my ambition and if I am focused on the right things everything else will fall into place.

With that being said. I did get an offer to return to broadway this week! I’m back in the game with a new fire and a new hunger to make my impression felt. This is a new adventure that I promise to share with you in every way i can. I do plan to do things a little differently and safeguard myself as much as possible from being in the situation i seem to be working my way out of. Stay tuned and Thanks for your support.

Happy Holidays everyone. Love hard and live life to the fullest. We only got one.

Deep Thoughts Radio / Vol 4 / Spiked Eggnog

I know i just hit you with the motivation mix from CEDT but its that time of the year. CHRISTMAS TIME!!!! I have compiled a few classic as well as some hidden gems all within the christmas theme. I hope you enjoy here is a quick look at the playlist



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Hustle Hard or Go Home

Its week 4 everyone. I have managed to keep my patience for the most part of what is going on a month. A month of realigning my life with the current circumstances. I’ve sent out countless resumes and cover letters to a limited amount of companies and job listings. I have had some good days and some not so good days, but as I’ve said before being positive is the only option. Its hustle hard or go home time. I have no time to complain just time to campaign and that’s what I have been doing.

This past weekend was good. Thanks to my friends over at Pillage, Plunder & Associates. I was able to hustle CEDT at the 2011 Addidas Sneakercon here in New York City. It was a great event with lots of different vendors with their own particular products. The event was mostly for sneaker collectors and folks who wanted to trade or sell unique shoes, but it was also a great opportunity to get Cold Eels & Deep Thoughts to the public. I only sold a few items but I did manage to sell out of one of my most popular products. The Abe Dead Prez tee sold its last print for 2011. I was happy to make the money and very happy to give out a TON of stickers and card in hopes of getting more attention to the website and the work.

That event lit a hotter fire underneath me. It reaffirmed that I do have something lots of people out here might want. I know I have what I need to make some things happen for myself whatever the situation. I am a hustler! Not in a street sense but in a life sense. I refuse to lose and I will do whatever in my power to set things in motion that will allow me to win! Sitting at home waiting will do nothing, but getting out there and into people’s faces with positive energy and dynamic artwork will do something. Hey at the least it will make me feel productive.

The thing is this. I might not know where my next check is coming from, but i do know that im talented. I know im not a hard person to work with, and I work hard. In my over 8 years of working as a professional designer I have never been out of work for long. That is comforting. I know that this is just another part of the quest. Keep cool and keep hustling!

Week 4

Send out more resumes and cover letters. CHECK

Make follow-up calls to companies I have sent my pack to. CHECK

Get ready for the holidays CHECK

Here are some photos from Sneakercon 2011

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thanks for the support.

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Okay it’s been almost been a month since I began this new adventure. The hunt for success! And right around now one of two things will begin to happen. Either you start to see the sprouts of the seeds you have planted begin to surface, or you begin to realize that nothing is happening. This is a very critical time. I say critical because what you choose to do at this point can determine the choices you make in the future. It’s so easy to look at the dynamic of a situation and be discouraged by what you are NOT seeing. I believe it is much easier to be enthused by the things that you ARE seeing. Last week I wrote about setbacks, I shared my thoughts about being discouraged and how not to lose focus. I think I write this blog as a way to convince myself of things. I know you might be thinking why lie to yourself? It’s not so much that I lie to myself as much as I convince myself, that the positive of every situation is the strongest. That my friend is a lie! The negative feelings, the self-doubt, the snags and setbacks are heavy. They are real, and can sometimes seem too heavy to lift. I lie to myself by saying that it will all work out, when the truth is I don’t know if it will. I keep positive, to shield myself from the lows that are and will continue to be a part of my life. Yes I have a hold on things today, but being honest I have no idea how I’m going to make rent two months from now. Does this frighten me? Hell Yes! But does it worry me? No sir. It does not worry me because through writing my experiences I inform, reflect, and purge all of the negative thoughts that may enter my mind. James Baldwin said ones, “ I write to describe. If you have a problem try to describe it. If you can describe it you can control it, if you can control it you can out wit it.” Words are power, and we are all prophets in our lives. We have the power to give up at anytime and the power to turn it up.

This past week was full of highs and low. I told you that sharing these things with you would help serve as a journal of my climb to the top. Sharing it all good and bad, small and colossal. This week I received some freelance work, as well as a few hits back about some of the positions I applied for. The freelance work was great and hopefully my new client is impressed by my work and wants to continue a work relationship with me. To insure that I went above and beyond what was required in order to give my client the best of my talents. I did not say I sold myself short! I just made sure all of my t’s were crossed and all of the i’s dotted, I made sure to give the client everything they asked for as well as things I know they needed. The hits I got about positions were more or less emails asking for more detailed information than what was summarized on my resume. These are both small triumphs but huge in the power it gave me. I feel good that my work is at least getting attention, and my character has allowed me to meet people that are willing to vouch for my work ethic and skill. The ball has begun to roll, and now its time to keep that momentum. How can I do that? I can do that by “convincing” myself that small triumphs are just paths to huge ones. That no power outside of myself can stop me, and that I can and will control all of my problems.

Week 3

Continue to push! This is just the beginning. CHECK

Listen to Deep Thoughts Radio Vol 3 // Motivation for the Masses

Deep Thoughts Radio // Vol. 3 // Motivation for the Masses

Brand new Playmix to keep you motivated to WIN! I hope you enjoy


Special thanks to all who contributed in the creation of this mix

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The Setbacks

When you embark on a life changing quest one can expect set backs and disappointment to be a part of that road. When you look at the reality of your situation and some things just don’t add up it can be very frustrating. It is important to stay positive about the possibilities in front of you not let the pitfalls be your downfall. I won’t lie and say I never worry about things. I have thought about the possibility of failure, but I also think about the glory of success. Success is that much sweeter when it’s earned through hard work, perseverance, and most importantly patience.

Financial setbacks can throw a monkey wrench into your plans out of nowhere. Don’t panic! If you have any hustle about you get to it! Find ways to bring more income your way. Map out a plan that will get you back into the black and out of the red. Minimize your expenses as much as you can. Last week I mentioned getting your money in order, but things can change at anytime and you may need to readjust your budget just to keep you floating. For example, review your cellular phone plan, if you have the biggest minute plan or unlimited texting maybe its time to work with something cheaper. Contact your utility providers if need be to get onto a payment plan that reflects your current situation. Even if you are up to date on your bills setting up payment plans can help you save a few needed dollars. Make a list of necessities and luxuries to really see what you need rather than things you just enjoy. Things like Netflix, or Xbox live are things we enjoy but can be an extra 30 bucks in your pocket at the end of each month. Clip coupons, and make shopping lists. Food can take a huge chunk out of your budget so plan it out to make your dollar stretch. Things will work out.

The road ahead is hard and full of pitfalls but staying focused and positive will bring good favor your way. This is just the beginning and there is a lot to be done. Negativity and sulking is pointless. Get back on the grind. Continue to apply for any and all jobs you feel you can make a professional impact with. Examine all possibilities of where you can apply your talents. The universe will provide.


Tie up all unemployment benefit loose ends. That only should take a week in reality but there are tons of things that can slow that process. If you are slow to address them, it will take some time to get the ball rolling. CHECK

Contact all freelance leads about ongoing work or possible future work. CHECK

Make inquiries about positions available at brands you respect. Try to find contact names, people who can open doors for you. Try to reach out and build re-pore with them. You never know what can happen, and it IS all about who you know sometimes. This week I plan to contact brands like SUPREME, Playcloths, 10 Deep, Brooklyn Circus and all things Ralph Lauren Polo. CHECK

Also begin to put my Cold Eels & Deep Thoughts presentation book together. Have that ready incase you are able to find investors rather than employers. Do it on your terms and find people who you think can help you. CHECK

That is my plan for week 2

I will update you on how those things go the next week. Thanks for support.


The Climb

Okay. Sitting here thinking about what to share, I suddenly had the urge to share something more personal on CETD. I might as well share everything since I already share my art, and my ideas. I share my spirit. I share my life with you while I work on my dreams. I am an artist as many of you know but many of you don’t fully know the path I have been on for the majority of my life. It started with little drawings. I’ve always found a peace in creating. I knew since I was really young that transforming my ideas into reality, into something real was what I wanted to do. Creating something that you didn’t need to describe because you could see it. My own ideas, the things my brain wanted to see. That’s what I do, and for my entire life I have prepared myself to give everything to that love, to allow that love to carry me through my life, both financially and therapeutically. I’ve done okay with that. I’ve worked as a designer for the past 11 years. I’ve worked in the broadcasting industry, the advertising industry, and for the past 6 years my talents have flourished in the fashion industry. Look at those words industry; it just reminds me that it’s driven to sale something. My ideas have been seen all over the globe … with somebody else’s name on it. Some artist would call that selling out. Whatever. I’m living off of my dreams and I love it.


But now things are different. Working as an artist has its ups and downs, its highs and lows. I just came off of an incredible high that has changed the dynamic of my whole life. My little drawings have taken me from Detroit, to PA, to VA, and now NYC. New York, the window of the world. The absolute stage for me to start putting my name on my ideas. I did seek Gotham, but to be honest I was drafted to this place for work. To create art for things we never think of as a canvas. T-shirts, jackets, hoodies, and everything else the spending public calls fashion. I was brought here on a rollercoaster, but now that ride is over! This is a part of the industry, the part where people don’t matter as much as money. But why should it? That’s the world we live in. In the great words of Jay Electronica “I ain’t mad at it, but I ain’t glad at it.” I have been here before and I’ve got back on the road pretty well. Now I’m back. You come so far to start right at the beginning. Another plateau on the mountain. This will be my chronicle of my climb. I will share my moves, my mistakes, and my mightiest moments with you. I don’t know who will read it. But it will serve to keep me focused on how I plan to make the name RICHARD BESTIA spoken amongst respected creative minds. I’m ambitious, and I am confident in my talents. It has taken me so many places, why not to the top. I’ll see you there.


Week one


Get to work! Tighten your resume and Portfoilo.CHECK


Call everyone! Reach out to people you have worked with, that’s what friends are for right? Be fair and kind to people. Work hard. People remember that and are never slow to help you get back in the game. CHECK


Get ONLINE! Handle your finances; make sure you tie up any loose ends that could snag your coat on the way up. Money will come in like a flood and then dry up like the desert. So you must be smart with your money. Make your dreams sustain your life but rent is still due. Get your resume and cover letter and send it everywhere. CHECK


Get FRESH! You can’t sit on the computer all day. Get out there and let people see your face, let them see your hustle, respect is earned. Let people know you are here and what you do. Stock up on business cards. CHECK


RELAX! Share your experience. Keep focused. Draw and listen to music that makes you feel good. CHECK


works every time

Ive been away from the blog for a while but I have not been lost. Check out the Tumblr. Its the random idea source for the craziness of Cold Eels & Deep Thoughts. Enjoy