The Opposite of Weak



Every Saturday morning I would will until 10’clock for Transformers to come on, and like every little boy I rooted for the good guys. Optimus Prime the big rig, BumbleBee the VW Bug NOT Camero! I imagined being one of the autobots when we would act out any given episode later on that day with the rest of the fellows. I was on the side of good, but for some reason the allure of the sharp deceptacon logo intrigued me. When it came to the toys I loved acquiring the villains because frankly they always had better stuff. Megatron was a GUN!! And Soundwave had cassette tape Minions. Laserbeak, Rumble, and of course RAVAGE! To hear ravage said in that cool robot voice was and still is DOPE!

Now we can have that power ourselves in the form of a jump drive. It even transforms. HOW SWEET IS THAT??

But it HERE


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