Artistic Dirtnap : Mati Klarwein

In my travels I search for sounds. Echoes and influences of the music slow minds call “popular” take me to an older variety of melodic choices. As I listen I put visions to the sounds, create pictures purely dictated by the music. Once upon a time when beyounders were no longer afraid to create something new we had sparks like Miles Davis, and groups like Santana. These geniuses could make a new dance for your sprit and the album covers gave you the vision. I always loved Album Art and some artist stuck out more than others. Mati Klarwein is the artist behind the visual murder on albums like Bitches Brew, and Live Evil both by Miles Davis. Check him out its worth it.




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3 thoughts on “Artistic Dirtnap : Mati Klarwein

  1. james says:

    he did work on some buddy miles albums too, and if you check the back of the abraxas album, he got the same witchdoctor ladies as the inside of the brew

  2. […] who he is. Just a few posts ago I gave you a path to one of the most influential album cover artist Mati Klarwein. Now we go to the flip-side of the same style. MOVIE POSTERS!! Many artists although fans of the […]

  3. garyweinheimer says:

    Stunning! I don’t know what else to say!

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