DMB / The Opposite of Weak.

Hip-hop is within a paradigm shift. The old model of what was simply no longer is. We will not go back to 1992. But rather than look back look to the future. Look beyond what the squares find entertaining or should I say the commercial garbage. Seek and find the sounds. If you love hip-hop you already know what elements are needed for you to be completely involved, so explanation is not required.

So what is the future of Hip Hop? We are the future of hip-hop. Mos Def said it “Hip Hop is going where We are going.” I dig that. Right now we are in a recession, people are struggling and people are pushing, but also people are creating. Ideas are glowing and new music is playing. I found some new music and its get this its “REAL HIP HOP” Remember that? Check out Detroit artists DMB. Dope lyrics, dope beats, that’s the formula.

You figure it out



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