Artistic Dirtnap : Mark Fredrickson

I grew up in the 80’s. I am not an eighties baby to keep it real however the majority of my adolescence was within it. If you are an eighties baby or even around my age you know that the end all for school supplies was none other than the TRAPPER KEEPER. I have always been a fan of the TK not only for the utility of it but for the mind-blowing art on the covers.

I can vividly remember the art changing from simple shapes, to neon patterns, to fully rendered pieces of art. My favorite featured artist was and still is Mark Fredrickson. Fredrickson’s works are highly recognized by his dynamic visions and photo realistic paint skills. He began his career after graduating from Tennessee Temple College in Chattanooga, Tennessee and landing a job with the Arizona Star Weekly as an editorial artist. Mark quickly became well known after leaving the paper for a freelance career. He has created covers for Mad Magazine as well as Time. My personal favorites where the pieces he did for Mead. Check out some of his work.

You figure it out



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One thought on “Artistic Dirtnap : Mark Fredrickson

  1. Mu Hefner says:

    Yo Chilli U got me driving in the DeLorean @ 88 MPH right now ! LOL

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