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Audio Crime Scenes // Air – Surfing on a Rocket

Air_Surfing On A Rocket

I had the real video up but YOUTUBE disabled. Sorry

Its just dope.

What you thought I only rocked one or two genres? You better come on in.


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Let me put you on this // Mayer Hawthorne


I’ve been on this album for a little more than a month now and I can’t get enough of it. Mayer Hawthorne’s A Strange Arrangement is dope. I love the classic sound that he has totally captured in all of it essence. If you dig Oldies but Goodies this is for you, or even if you just need a fresh take on R&B check it out. The album is so good I dont even want to share it for free, he deserves for you to buy it. Here are a few videos to get your mouth watering.

you figure it out



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The Opposite of Weak // Eminem, Mos Def, Black Thought

Picture 10Picture 12Picture 13

Video: Eminem, Mos Def, Black Thought .

Pure Murder. Some of the other cyphers were alright. Joe Buddens surprised us and decided to kill, and KRS needed to stop. I got love for you Kris but damn.

Audio download HERE


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Artistic Dirtnap // Richard Bestia

Picture 8Born in Detroit Michigan, Richard Bestia is one of my favorite up and coming creative minds. His medium choices range from pen and ink to digital renderings. His clean style has been seen on a number of tee shirts from brands like Blac Label Premium Product, Shmack, Antik Denim, Azzure and Coldbluded.

His new ventures merge the line between fine art and tee shirt art. He says “My canvas is a 100% cotton jersey tee.” ┬áProviding art lovers with limited edition prints of his work only available on tee shirts. Sounds like a good combination. You figure it out.






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The Opposite of Weak // He’s the KING I’m the DJ

13011_thumbnail2UNDRCRWN just released a very special mixtape. Everyone has made a Michael Jackson Mixtape but this is the one we have been waiting on. It’s Jazzy Jeff so what else do I need to say.


The Secret // COLDBLUDED



Let me put you on this // The Sarah Morgan Theme

me and my bess friend rock out to this every time we get a chance.


Audio Crimescenes // Kool & the Gang – Heaven at once

The sound without a name! Kool & the Gang are mostly known for hits like Celebration, and Ladies night but the depth of this group is far deeper than those named before. Kool & the Gang were one of the first bands to combine Funk, Jazz, Rock, R&B, and Popular sounds. Here is a good track to give you an example of that. “We are scientist of Sound” enjoy it!


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Artistic Dirtnaps // You Like SPACE??

Autotune died and went to space! I was never a real fan of T-Pain or his autotune swagger. I always thought to myself that if Roger Zapp were around he would get absolutely no play! However T-Pain did usher in a new way to think of music. For a long time I believe music failed to evolve into the sounds that we think of as futuristic. Every genre of music has its own “outer-space” inspired splinters. David Bowe did it within Rock , and Sun Ra did it with Jazz. Electronic music has taken it a step further while still staying within its realm. Colorpluse has taken scientific video clips starring Carl Sagan and other intellectuals and transformed it into beauty. This is not new however I had a desire to share it with you. Enjoy!

Educational, fun, and melodic. What a combination!

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DOOM Unexpected Guest Trailer

This is exciting!