Artistic Dirtnap: DOOM

1994 will not return. The variety in hiphop music today has to be found. It must be searched for. It becomes an adventure to find a hidden jewel amongst all of the idol worship. I have found DOOM! MF DOOM isn’t new nor is he hidden, he has for the most part been underground for many many years and his fans make up a hip hop cult following for this figure known as DOOM aka MF DOOM, aka Viktor Vaughn, aka Zeb Love X of KMD. If you know your hip hop his voice was first heard on 3rd Base’s Gas Face way back. You may also remember the KMD hit Peach-fuzz. Since then Doom has done collabs with Madlib under the group name Mad-villain as well as the DangerDoom album with Dangermouse. Doom is a beast in my opinion and has been for a very long time. Not for his drunken flow that on many tracks just cant seem to catch the beat, but for sheer wordplay and throwback topics that keep me entertained. I am also very impressed with the pure theatrics displayed. Wearing an Iron mask to every show and in every video to play the character. “He wears the iron mask just to cover the raw flesh, a rather ugly brother with flows thats gorgeous.” Most MC’s choose gangsters to pattern themselves after, as much as I enjoy Scarface I have always been more prone to the comic villains who always had more of a story. I can honestly go on and on about what I dig about this rapper but I will let the music speak for itself. Doom fans will understand and for many it will go waaaay over your head but none the less enjoy it.

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One thought on “Artistic Dirtnap: DOOM

  1. Mu Hefner says:


    Today on intense wreck week
    We have the super villain in his own defense to speak
    It’s all part of my mental techniques
    Available to freaks and pencil neck geeks
    Train the same brain to a insane train of thought
    On a campaign trail he came to gain ya support
    Charge cash for a autograph
    Say some shit to make ya daughta laugh
    Then slaughta the ass

    DOOOOOM !!!!!

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