Artistic Dirtnaps // You Like SPACE??

Autotune died and went to space! I was never a real fan of T-Pain or his autotune swagger. I always thought to myself that if Roger Zapp were around he would get absolutely no play! However T-Pain did usher in a new way to think of music. For a long time I believe music failed to evolve into the sounds that we think of as futuristic. Every genre of music has its own “outer-space” inspired splinters. David Bowe did it within Rock , and Sun Ra did it with Jazz. Electronic music has taken it a step further while still staying within its realm. Colorpluse has taken scientific video clips starring Carl Sagan and other intellectuals and transformed it into beauty. This is not new however I had a desire to share it with you. Enjoy!

Educational, fun, and melodic. What a combination!

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