Who is really the HOTTEST MC?



3 thoughts on “Who is really the HOTTEST MC?

  1. Canon says:

    This needs more clarification, cas “in the game” is between jay n drake, as far as in the game goes, but as far as lyrical relevance and making since, then u talkn blk thought mayb joe, then u got wordplay n punchlines like eminem n fab, so many factors………..

    Fuck it! I’m the Hottest in the game right now, and I’m not talkin hot like that virus you picked over the weekend u “No Baggin” bastards.

  2. coldeels says:

    @ CANON-I guess you have a point as far a DICK RIDERS go. Jay and Drake are not THE GAME. If you paid attention everyone on the list had something out this year, either mixtape, album, or general buzz around them. So to exclude the others listed solidifies how many sheep we have in the listening game.

  3. Khrist says:

    I fuck with thought… Mighty Mos is my dude…Fab is favorite mainstream artist… Em is one of the sickest to ever do it… I love rae and ghost but they aint even my fav out the Wu (deck and Gza is my faves by the way), Rick Ross and Gucci Man need to get shot… Sean Price I fucks with but hes def stronger with his other half rather than by himself…he can hold his own though. But after all said and done man right now Im fuckin with my man Joey out of that list… with that said though hes not even my fav out of slaughterhouse lol… Good topic though homey, cant wait to see what the results are… and Fuck Drake… yo i bet if you put weezy up there he would win though… just sayin… the GAME is fucked up right now ace

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