Let me put you on this // THE REFINED VANGUARDS

Hello Fam

I have been following this site for a while. As a websurfer I get bored with the same old sites and I need constant stimulation. To be honest I am over hypebeast & high snobiety. Although those sites are popular, I tend to enjoy blogs that have a real opinion. Not to say that those site do not have that but it is hard to find it amongst so much run of the mill content. The Refined Vanguards is right up my alley, I am a 70’s baby and grew up in the 80’s and 90’s so my style aesthetic is more fine tuned. This caters directly to that.

This site is actually for a design group but it also has a blog that keeps me abreast on whats hot in fashion as well as art and music. I love the look of it. The head designers name is Shanon Dennis and this guy is mostly known for being one of the early Playcloths designers, He has also worked with Akoo, and his early work goes as far back as AZZURE Denim. Check the look of the site and check the blog. You wont be disappointed.


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