SUPER TUESDAY VOTE // New Millennium Bangers!!!

Okay its 2010. We have had an entire decade to decide who makes this list. Now it’s finally time to put them to the test. Who is the New Millennium banger?


Paula Patton // Idlewild, De Ja Vu, Precious (Damn that Robin Thicke)

Lauren London // ATL, This Christmas, Entourage ( kinda loses points for raw doggin Lil Wayne )

Halle Berry // Certified smoking no listings needed ( Milf Banger )

Frida Pinto // Slumdog Banger

Beyonce // Singing Banger (almost banging to the point where you don’t care )

Melanie Fiona // New (oot oot ohhhh Banger)

Jessica Lucas // Cloverfield , New Melrose Place Banger

Kid Sister // Pro Nails Rapping Banger

PS I know all these woman are kinda the same type but eff it, its my list.

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