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In the words of G-Money in New Jack City “All we got is US”, nothing can be more true when it comes to artists. We are the only ones who understand each other. We are a collective of free minds and know facts and details about other artist that no one but another artist would appreciate. I have been a fan of Shepard Fairey for years, and the reason he is a household name, or at least a coffee shop name is because of people like me. People who take notice and give praise where it is due. People who are conduits of cool and share it with those not blessed with the gift of foresight. Mr. Fairey is the same, I have proof of this here. Shepard Fairey recently released a series of pieces with none other than Jasper Johns as his inspiration. Who the hell is Jasper Johns?? He is a beast in the hidden shadows of pop culture. Very famous in art circles for his American Flag Series, as well as his use of the Bullseye graphic. I learned about him in Art School of course BIG UPS MR. BENDER!! Here is what Fairey did and check below for some of Johns work. Lets circulate the cool like a fan on High. You figure it out.


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