Why do we like Jay Electronica?

Why do we like Jay Electronica? What is the allure to this new emcee? Is it that so many established emcee’s have jumped on the bandwagon? Or is it something else? I believe it’s the rare combination of lyrics, quality beats, delivery, and an artistic expression. With so much commercialism, real listeners search for that feeling in Hip Hop. The intangible feeling you get when you hear a song that speaks to you personally. It’s more like Soul Hop. Many times in music today we have a predecessor to compare our favorite artists too, we have a root from whence this artistic vision sprung up from. We do not have that with Electronica. His delivery reminds me of none, his lyrical content reminds me of none, his tone is unlike any other. It’s the freshness of it, the unknown but very familiar sound that he creates. It’s invisible poetry. ¬†Forget Exhibit C! Thats a dope cut but really check what this guy has to offer. You figure it out!

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One thought on “Why do we like Jay Electronica?

  1. james says:

    its cause his last name’s Electronica

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