Jedi or Sith? What path to choose. // Deep Thought Reviews

Maybe its the nerd in me but often times I liken life situations to the Star Wars mythology. Everything is connected though the force or the natural energy of the Universe. Just like I believe everything is connected through GOD and finding your purpose. Purpose being what you believe your here to do, be it career, family, ect.. I’ve always loved the choice of the paths when one learns of the force. Its almost close to the path we choose on what types of people we will be. You have two choices, you can choose the Light Side of the force, or the Dark Side. You can be a Jedi or a Sith. But what is the difference?

At first reaction my natural choice would be Jedi. The Jedi represents good and balance in the force. While the Sith represents evil and tyranny. Also in life I’d liken people I met to either be Jedi or Sith. But I did all of this by just watching Star Wars and judging according to what I knew about each order. In the movies the Jedi are the heroes and the Sith are the protagonist. Its easy right? Its just that simple isn’t it? No. It’s not. According to the entire Star Wars myth, Jedi and Sith are not brothers but very close cousins. The Jedi believe in using the force for good and keeping balance by living as monks, shutting down emotion to be more in control of the force in which they are powerful enough to wield. The Sith also believe in controlling the force but rather than suppress emotion, the Sith use it to make them more powerful. Passion, love, and even rage are tools the Sith use, while the Jedi believes in order and balance. The Sith believe since they have the power they should use it to their advantage, while the Jedi believe power can corrupt the spirt and lead one to the Dark Side. Yes its true that one who taps into the Dark side is more vulnerable to consumption but if a Sith were to master the emotional conduit of the force would they still be evil? I dont know? I am a person who moves though passion, and I find it difficult to hide that side of me. I do recognize I have a gift and will do everything in my power to allow that gift to bring me success. So does that make me Sith? Maybe, but I don’t see myself as evil. I also don’t believe you can win every time by trying to keep balance. You must take risks, and at times be a bit selfish in life. Now I dont mean be a snake to get on top, but its OK to be a wolf.

So what is the verdict? Jedi or Sith? For me It seems like to win you need a bit of both. You need the discipline of the Jedi, but you also need the passion of the Sith to be able to see your goals ahead of you. Thats just what I think.

You Figure it out


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