Super Tuesday Poll / FRESHEST BRAND OF THE 90’s

Sup Family,

While having a conversation with the minds behind PP&A I was moved to do a poll about the Freshest 90’s clothing brands. Now the 90’s were something else, the term “Urban” had not really be applied yet to fashion so many times in the hip hop community we wore gear that could be “freakable”. This means the style and aesthetic could be customized to achieve a more rugged or street look. Lets see who holds the crown. Alot of the brands are hard to find photos of so you might need to use your memory. This aint  a poll for the newbies.

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3 thoughts on “Super Tuesday Poll / FRESHEST BRAND OF THE 90’s

  1. Dwayne M. Eggerson says:

    Where’s the Karl Kani slot/ option bra?

    • coldeels says:

      Karl Kani had 1 good year in Detroit. Just 1!! I know he kept getting burn around the country but in my eyes it was wack real quick. lol

  2. james says:

    girbaud was huge in texas, still is in the D… nautica lost its prestige, never liked tommy much, polo remains unphased, but polo Sport, polo jeans co. thats the real 90s nautica competition hahaa

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