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Audio Crime Scene / Erroll Gaye & The Imaginations!

Got hip to this from Mayer Hawthorne’s last mixtape. The breakdown is awesome and perfect for any aspiring or experienced soul sampler! Murder

03 – You Don’t Want My Love

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The Singular GULL

This is something everyone needs to see. This guy is the definition of 1 man band. GULL is a Richmond Virginia artist that can be found at gallery openings and on the street bringing his brand of music to the locals. This is amazing! Check it

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You can’t down play me baby im too HIGH

420 yall. Rock all your Curren$y today and if you dont have that new Wiz. You better come on in!

Enjoy This Theme Music

The (B)yond Side Week 1 // Maze feat. Frankie Beverly – I need you

It has begun. Your boy Chilli has started to collect records. Yes real vinyl records. I do have crate experience but now its for treasure rather than art covers. Im going to share one mp3 a week based on what I found the previous weekend. The first one i will share is I need you by Maze. PURE MURDER

07 I Need You

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Kush & OJ

If you don’t… i don’t know why.

I swear they rocked the Cold Eeels Deep Thoughts Mixtape : Music from my trip to Jupiter before recording this mixtape, but maybe great minds just think alike. JETS!


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It’s a war outside in the streets nobodies safe from. All my designers please check this page out. Its called The Inside Jokes. Its a new tumblr blog that allows users to submit  bad photoshop or great photoshop jokes about personal friends or coworkers. Its all in good fun and even funny without knowing the full story behind some of the submissions. I encourage you to throw a snowball at a friend and see where it goes. The site does have a conservative administrator so keep the homosexual jokes out and anything that can outright offend anybody. And if your not great at photoshop BAD PHOTOSHOP IS EVEN BETTER! Lets keep it light and fun family.

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Mayer Hawthorne – I left my heart in San Fancisco

The 2 month tour ends in Saf Fan this month. I was honored to catch him in Virginia Beach. Lets keep good music around.


The Opposite of Weak // Aloe Blacc

Got hip to this a few weeks back. You figure it out. Good Loox PEL

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MOS DUB – A New Remix Project from Max Tannone

You’re in for a treat today.  Hot off the presses, Max Tannone just sent me this remix project that he just finished.  If you’re not familiar with Max Tannone, he’s responsible for remixing Jay-Z vocals to Radiohead that garnered a lot of critical acclaim last year.  Mos Dub is a remix of Mos Def vocals and classic dub reggae tracks.

Listen Here

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