Will & Jada’s Kids Style = FAIL

Im a huge Will & Jada Smith fan. I have seen them grow from small acts to huge stars. I am proud that they are a loving family who has kept it together in hollyweird. Say what you want about them but its for certain that they are BOSSES in the game now. Now their children are poised to join the ranks in hollywood but I must say, WTF is going on with these kids clothes. Im not a hater and I know they are children but really WTF is up with this. I hope they are dressing themselves or the other hand I hope not. Will and Jada just a tad of advice. Let kids be kids and let them express themselves but what we have below it a bit on the EXTRA side. It give the impression of cockyness, not a good look. But good for a laugh. You figure it out.

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2 thoughts on “Will & Jada’s Kids Style = FAIL

  1. Kofi Jamal Simmons says:

    That’s kinda busy. But I’ve seen stuff like this worn by other kids as well. A bit, A LOT for me and I know I wouldn’t let Noah walk out the house like that. Maybe it’s the new thing. We did have Cross Colors (shutters) among others… I still can’t believe I begged my Mom for that mess, only for it to get played out a few months later….

  2. Rein says:

    C’mon they’re just kids man. THey should be able to express themselves how ever they please and wear what makes them feel good. Now if they have a stylist picking out cray stuff for them….then yes they FAIL!!!!

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