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Artistic Dirtnap // Dalton Ghetti Micro Sculptures

Talk about paying attention to detail. For more than 25 years Dalton Ghetti has created works of art out of pencils and pencil leads. Thats right a Number 2 Pencil or 2B to my artists. He has dedicated himself to his passion and does it all with three basic tools. One of them is NOT a magnifying glass. MURDER FOR DAYS you figure it out.

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Super Tuesday Poll // Who is the WACKEST INTERNET MC?

Since the birth of YOUTUBE the internet has been the launching pad for a number of Web Stars that include the likes of Tay Zonday, and more recently 50 cent as Pimpin Curly. Now we have the lowest of the low who become famous not for the skills they possess but for the comedic result of their efforts. Who is the greatest of the worst?

Eli Porter


50 Tyson

The Average Homeboy Denny “Blazin” Hazen


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The Refined Vanguards // It’s always sunny in LA Mixtape

My folks over at The Refined Vanguards just hit me with a much anticipated mix! Its always sunny in LA is pure uncut colombian, its vibe just makes you feel warm, you figure it out!


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The Opposite of Weak // Ip Man

Found a clip of this movie. Still searching for the entire vid but this clip has be sold! Enjoy and seek out!

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Southern Genesis Part 1

Since Southern HIP HOP now rules the world. I thought i would post a few joints that were out before everybody started dick riding.

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DECON X Black Milk: Album of the Year Interview

Black Milk is that DUDE. Had to share this. Thanks to 2dopeboyz.

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And the Winner Is…………..Super Tuesday Poll Results

After a week of deliberation HOUSE PARTY takes the crown as The Greatest Hip Hop Movie of all time!!! Or at least according to you. Thanks for participating in our survey. As a reward I have attached a link to The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack! Enjoy!!


Thanks to for the link!!

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The Opposite of Weak // Andre 3000 – I Do

3000 by Bestia

One of my all time favorite MC’s is back with this mouth watering track. Tell’m bout it 3 Stacks!!! Download the track below.

I Do

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