Cold Eels & Deep Thoughts present: Deep Thoughts Radio Vol. 1

Its been a while since I have posted a playlist for you all to enjoy. I have for youDEEP THOUGHTS RADIO Vol. 1 Have a Glass of Wine. This is a collection of songs I would want to hear on the radio while i’m buzzed on Red Wine, most likely around 11:45 in the evening looking at the sky close to the midnight hour. When you listen to this a wild Ocelot materializes right on your forearm for you to pet and feel purr (pp&a). The playlist isn’t genre specific. I have a bit of the old some of the new but all of the murder. It’s the dopeness.



1. K’Jon – Out on the ocean

2. Andre 3000 – Prototype

3. The Guess Who – Sour Suite

4. Sir Michael Rocks – S.S. (Summer Song)

5. Peabo Byrson – Born to Love

6. Willie Max feat. Raphael Saadiq- Can’t Get Enough

7. David Ruffin – Slow Dance

8. Cody Chestnut – Serve this Royalty

9. The 5th Dimension – Requiem: 820 Latham

10. Brian Bennett – Solstice

11. Bilal – Little One

12. Janelle Monet’ – Neon Valley Street

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