Super Tuesday Vote // The Downgrade

Another crazy late night conversation about pop culture that resulted in me posing a new question to my visitors. With all the stars in hollywood and sports who has downgraded the most from being a sex symbol or ideal standard to something you are tired of seeing or hearing about. This downgrade has nothing to do with physical appearance but more to do with personal actions. You make the call!

Jennifer Lopez or J-Lo

Rise: Started out as a flygirl, moved on to that banger in Money Train and later got super famous for her performance of “Selenas” in the biopic Selana thus transforming her into a SUPERDIVA!!

Donwfall: First not riding for Puff, totally understandable but it was all good just a week ago. Second putting out mad music with minimum skills but behaving like you do. Thats not hate, its just iight to me. Third being every damn where for a while. GO AWAY J-LO!


Rise: Started out as a club reggae type thing that was catchy and cute, then transformed into a slightly left from center R&B badgirl who has a spark of freak in her. Thanks for the camera pics darling!

Downfall: Not advocating the act, but why must you bring up the Chris Brown drama in every interview? Yes its bad but LET IT GO! Now it looks like you are using it to bring attention back to yourself NOT COOL! Secondly alot of the comments you have made about your personal life and lifestyle suggest that you are a bit on the trashy side. Third that red hair is pretty weak.

Chris Brown:

Rise: The cute kid with moves like MJ and a voice like no other. You were in the heart of every preteen of america with radio hits and a acting career. You were on the verge of it all Mr. Brown, and might be able to reclaim it.

Downfall: A good girl gone bad. Laying hands is a punk move, no matter what a woman does. Plus, some of the fits your rocked during your apology campaign were weak. On top of that you whined when your less than stellar album did not sale as much as you expected.

Lauren London:

Rise: From the cutey in the Frontin Video to the Banger in ATL. To the personification of what Bobby Brown called a Tenderoni!

Downfall: Letting Lil Wayne rawdog.

Lebron James:

Rise: The Chosen One!

Downfall: Believing he was The Chosen One!

Amber Rose:

Rise: The bald headed beast on Kanye’s arm, who had half of the redbones in america going for the bald blonde look. The model type chick who looked like a Grade A Slut and we loved her for it!

Downfall: Opening her mouth and speaking words.

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2 thoughts on “Super Tuesday Vote // The Downgrade

  1. 3ANKS says:

    *Rihanna… Winner – Well she has all the credentials for a winner in this scenario… 1 She’s been around for a decent amount of time. 2 Been associated and in the presence of all the top players n the game. 3 Had a very strong following…. Now where she falls short… Stage presence from day one was horrible…(cool songs and Star features can’t carry u anymore) a solo presence/performance shows true character for an artist. Annoying, some artist in the game you can only take so much of… no variety in delivery. Chris Brown drama… let it GO! Whoa Is Me…. I’m a victim… I’m a victim… ok so move on and become stronger, not drag it out and reveal your were never much of a LADY to begin with. Females have lost interest and could care less for Rihanna. Now thats a Fall From Grace

    – J-Lo: Had a good run, stayed in the lime light for a while so it was a gradual downfall, she gets a pass and still has a solid fan base.

    – Lauren London: Never really made it in the first place, never quite reached her potential, can’t have a down fall if you never made it to anywhere to fall from, cute girl/bad guy syndrome victim… hope u don’t have that dreaded virus… SMH

    – Lebron James: Still to early to call this one, sucks cas he’s been placed on a pedestal since day one, it seems he could only fall from grace but he has a chance to prove everyone wrong… but time will tell.

    – Chris Brown: SMH… this guy could have been one of the greats… so sad, although he is on the rise again and I never cared about the drama(he should have never layed hands) but he will never be the star/icon he could have been…. damn shame.

  2. james says:

    not the red hair!! how’d you find the only picture of her not looking good hahaa

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