The Climb

Okay. Sitting here thinking about what to share, I suddenly had the urge to share something more personal on CETD. I might as well share everything since I already share my art, and my ideas. I share my spirit. I share my life with you while I work on my dreams. I am an artist as many of you know but many of you don’t fully know the path I have been on for the majority of my life. It started with little drawings. I’ve always found a peace in creating. I knew since I was really young that transforming my ideas into reality, into something real was what I wanted to do. Creating something that you didn’t need to describe because you could see it. My own ideas, the things my brain wanted to see. That’s what I do, and for my entire life I have prepared myself to give everything to that love, to allow that love to carry me through my life, both financially and therapeutically. I’ve done okay with that. I’ve worked as a designer for the past 11 years. I’ve worked in the broadcasting industry, the advertising industry, and for the past 6 years my talents have flourished in the fashion industry. Look at those words industry; it just reminds me that it’s driven to sale something. My ideas have been seen all over the globe … with somebody else’s name on it. Some artist would call that selling out. Whatever. I’m living off of my dreams and I love it.


But now things are different. Working as an artist has its ups and downs, its highs and lows. I just came off of an incredible high that has changed the dynamic of my whole life. My little drawings have taken me from Detroit, to PA, to VA, and now NYC. New York, the window of the world. The absolute stage for me to start putting my name on my ideas. I did seek Gotham, but to be honest I was drafted to this place for work. To create art for things we never think of as a canvas. T-shirts, jackets, hoodies, and everything else the spending public calls fashion. I was brought here on a rollercoaster, but now that ride is over! This is a part of the industry, the part where people don’t matter as much as money. But why should it? That’s the world we live in. In the great words of Jay Electronica “I ain’t mad at it, but I ain’t glad at it.” I have been here before and I’ve got back on the road pretty well. Now I’m back. You come so far to start right at the beginning. Another plateau on the mountain. This will be my chronicle of my climb. I will share my moves, my mistakes, and my mightiest moments with you. I don’t know who will read it. But it will serve to keep me focused on how I plan to make the name RICHARD BESTIA spoken amongst respected creative minds. I’m ambitious, and I am confident in my talents. It has taken me so many places, why not to the top. I’ll see you there.


Week one


Get to work! Tighten your resume and Portfoilo.CHECK


Call everyone! Reach out to people you have worked with, that’s what friends are for right? Be fair and kind to people. Work hard. People remember that and are never slow to help you get back in the game. CHECK


Get ONLINE! Handle your finances; make sure you tie up any loose ends that could snag your coat on the way up. Money will come in like a flood and then dry up like the desert. So you must be smart with your money. Make your dreams sustain your life but rent is still due. Get your resume and cover letter and send it everywhere. CHECK


Get FRESH! You can’t sit on the computer all day. Get out there and let people see your face, let them see your hustle, respect is earned. Let people know you are here and what you do. Stock up on business cards. CHECK


RELAX! Share your experience. Keep focused. Draw and listen to music that makes you feel good. CHECK


2 thoughts on “The Climb

  1. Sam I Am says:

    I’m right there with you brotha! Got moved to Texas for a nice job and business, is business a lot of us got let go at the end of summer. Now I’m back at it and really trying to see if I can make it on my own, no 9-5 to punch into everyday. I’ll definitely be following your climb! Because I know you will do it, I don’t expect anything else from you. 🙂

  2. Bestia says:

    Thanks sis. I got faith in you.

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