Okay it’s been almost been a month since I began this new adventure. The hunt for success! And right around now one of two things will begin to happen. Either you start to see the sprouts of the seeds you have planted begin to surface, or you begin to realize that nothing is happening. This is a very critical time. I say critical because what you choose to do at this point can determine the choices you make in the future. It’s so easy to look at the dynamic of a situation and be discouraged by what you are NOT seeing. I believe it is much easier to be enthused by the things that you ARE seeing. Last week I wrote about setbacks, I shared my thoughts about being discouraged and how not to lose focus. I think I write this blog as a way to convince myself of things. I know you might be thinking why lie to yourself? It’s not so much that I lie to myself as much as I convince myself, that the positive of every situation is the strongest. That my friend is a lie! The negative feelings, the self-doubt, the snags and setbacks are heavy. They are real, and can sometimes seem too heavy to lift. I lie to myself by saying that it will all work out, when the truth is I don’t know if it will. I keep positive, to shield myself from the lows that are and will continue to be a part of my life. Yes I have a hold on things today, but being honest I have no idea how I’m going to make rent two months from now. Does this frighten me? Hell Yes! But does it worry me? No sir. It does not worry me because through writing my experiences I inform, reflect, and purge all of the negative thoughts that may enter my mind. James Baldwin said ones, “ I write to describe. If you have a problem try to describe it. If you can describe it you can control it, if you can control it you can out wit it.” Words are power, and we are all prophets in our lives. We have the power to give up at anytime and the power to turn it up.

This past week was full of highs and low. I told you that sharing these things with you would help serve as a journal of my climb to the top. Sharing it all good and bad, small and colossal. This week I received some freelance work, as well as a few hits back about some of the positions I applied for. The freelance work was great and hopefully my new client is impressed by my work and wants to continue a work relationship with me. To insure that I went above and beyond what was required in order to give my client the best of my talents. I did not say I sold myself short! I just made sure all of my t’s were crossed and all of the i’s dotted, I made sure to give the client everything they asked for as well as things I know they needed. The hits I got about positions were more or less emails asking for more detailed information than what was summarized on my resume. These are both small triumphs but huge in the power it gave me. I feel good that my work is at least getting attention, and my character has allowed me to meet people that are willing to vouch for my work ethic and skill. The ball has begun to roll, and now its time to keep that momentum. How can I do that? I can do that by “convincing” myself that small triumphs are just paths to huge ones. That no power outside of myself can stop me, and that I can and will control all of my problems.

Week 3

Continue to push! This is just the beginning. CHECK

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One thought on “Control

  1. Sam I Am says:

    Well said! I too had a small triumph this week. Finally got in for an interview with one of the ad agencies here. Two of my coworkers that were laid off with me got positions there and put good words in for me. I should know soon if I have the position. 🙂
    Keep pushing!

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