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The Opposite of Weak / The Weeknd

Man it don’t stop. R&B is reborn! Frank Ocean put me in a good mood, and then this gem came along. Get on this early! Not much info on the group which adds to the intrigue . I just know its a Toronto Trio, and they KILL! Imagine Portishead meets the O’jays.


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The Opposite of Weak // Frank Ocean

Got hip to this about a week ago. Call me late! The mixtape is called Nostalgia / ULTRA. Find it!!



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OFWFKTA / The Opposite of Weak

The Future INDEED! Catch up and oil your flex capacitor!

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The Opposite of Weak // REP96st

Check out this blog. The content is new and the hate is authentic. Its a really good time. check it out here




Limited Edition Prints. Only 16 numbered prints of each style available for only $20.00. Grab yours here!


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The Opposite of Weak // DANNY BROWN!!

If you don’t know about this dude you better come on in! Danny Brown is killing the underground straight from my hometown. DETROIT! Punchlines, lyrical content, comedy, cadence, what more can you say. Check it here.

Get on the mixtape here!

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Stalley – Slapp

An Ode to the MIDWEST. Keep doing what you doing Stalley!

Get on that Lincoln Way Nights TODAY!

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The Opposite of Weak // Rachel Stuart

I had the chance to watch the Soultrain Music Awards 2010 last night and caught a glimpse of an old flame. I remember when we met, her accent was super strong and she came to visit me after hanging out with Donnie Simpson. Her name is Rachel Stuart and she is THE OPPOSITE OF WEAK! She first came into my life on Caribbean Rhythms also on BET then went on to capture my heart on Video Soul and Planet Groove as the host. Rachel is still going pretty hard today although its been years since she has been seen in the public arena. I just had to do a post about it.

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The Opposite of Weak // Vampire in Brooklyn 1995

Thought of as one of Eddie Murphy’s flops, Vampire in Brooklyn directed by Wes Craven has turned into one of my favorite Murphy films. Thanks to instant NetFlix i was able to revisit this jewel and I must say I enjoyed it. The cast included a number of black actors who we have grown to know including John Witherspoon and Kadeem Hardison, both give a helluva funny performance. It might not be one of the biggest but defiantly good for a weekend.

You figure it out!

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