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The Rebirth

Its been months since i have posted anything on coldeels and deepthoughts. I’ve been on an adventure, an adventure that has changed my entire world. As many of you know Cold Eels & Deep Thoughts is the brainchild of yours truly Richard Bestia. I have been a designer in the Street Wear industry for the past 7 years, my creations have been seen on the street on the feet and even on the silver screen. I love what I do and it has taken me all over the globe. I have lived everywhere from the beaches of the Virgin State to the rust belts of Pittsburgh, and the driving force behind my vision, my home Detroit. Now my adventure brings me to Gotham City, New York New York.  The transition was turbulent but successful. I will chronicle my journey and share my art and ideas in the window of the  world. Thank you for your support.

The Cypher aka The only reason to watch BET HIPHOP AWARDS

No highlights to mention. Waka Flocka is still wack as hell and not to mention DUMB as ROCKS! MC Hammer just messed up my good memory of what he was, and the Trophy itself was horrible. Who the hell is gonna put that on the mantel? Out o the 4 cyphers shown on the program only two were worth a damn. Enjoy.

Yelawolf KILLED

BIG SEAN my man hunned grand from the WESTSIDE of the D!


Back from the COSMOS

Hello star children,

I’ve been in space harvesting the new crop for this season. I am sorry i’ve been away and have not shared the fruits of my travel. I assure you that my adventures will be revealed in time. New ideas, new art, new music, and new merchandise for you. Thank you for your support.

The Roots – Do it again // The Opposite of Weak

PURE MURDER!! If you don’t have this album make that move ASAP.

10 Doin’ It Again

Taz Arnold Interview from INQMND

Very interesting interview from one of the only artists emerging on the creative scene. Taz Arnold! Here is a sample of what hes talking about…..

What trend would you like to see come to an end?

You know what trend I’d like to see go away? DICK RIDIN” and being a pussy. I wanna see the being a pussy trend go away. Cats just need to grow up and move on, be free, smoke a joint, have fun, lose a pound and thats it, just cool shit. I’d like to see that happen.

Check out more here!

Life After: Bell Biv Devoe

Dope Docuseries on TV One. Took me back and gave an interesting look behind the scenes.

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Kanye West feat. Dwele: POWER

I’ve heard alot about this album and after hearing this track im amped! POWER

01 Power (ft. Dwele)

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The Mack Lessons Radio // Let me put you on this

If your a fan of the GAME and like to hear tid bits on mackin and being a player. This is the podcast for you. Tariq Elite is that dude, a real standup brother that tells it how it is. He spits game all across the board and really gives good up good game. Please take a listen and download the podcast.