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Top 5 King of Pop Sleepers

We all love Michael Jackson…well most of us do. I personally consider myself very knowledgeable on MJ recordings and I have compiled a list of bangers that are lesser known in the MJ catalog. Here are a few I would love to share with you. If you don’t see your favorite B-Side send a comment and we can discuss. Most of the videos are fan made so i could actually share them with you, but the songs are super DOPE!

FYI The videos will redirect to Youtube so Sony Music Group can get paid. THANKS YOUTUBE!

Heaven Can Wait – Invincible Album

Liberian Girl – Bad Album

I Can’t Help It – Off the Wall Album

If I Don’t Love You This Way – (The Jacksons)┬áDancing Machine/ Moving Violation Album

Show You The Way To Go – (The Jacksons) Enjoy Yourself Album

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Rick James – Gettin’ it on // The (B)yond Side

Heres another B side i thought you might dig. Rick James is now famous for the classic Chappelle Show Skit but was a very accomplished musician and composer. Here is a cut off of The Garden of Love LP. Pure groove.


04 – Gettin’ It On

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