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Deep Thoughts Radio / Vol 4 / Spiked Eggnog

I know i just hit you with the motivation mix from CEDT but its that time of the year. CHRISTMAS TIME!!!! I have compiled a few classic as well as some hidden gems all within the christmas theme. I hope you enjoy here is a quick look at the playlist



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Cold Eels & Deep Thoughts presents: Deep Thoughts Radio / Vol. 2 / Genius Ears

This is what happens when I get free time. I listen to music and wish to share it. So here is another mixtape for your enjoyment. Deep Thoughts Radio Vol 2. Genius Ears. My ears are so in touch with what the cool kids like. Its a mix of funky vibes with underground hip hop and soul joints. Some will be familiar and some not so much but the groove works. Take advantage and download this now.


01 Cats Theme / Top Billing

02 Sending My Love

03 Inside You

04 Foreign Features

05 Rockin’ you Eternally

06 Did’nt Cha Know

07 All in the same gang

08 Down By Law

09 The Know

10 Zodiac Shit

11 Listen Up

12 Illusions



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Cold Eels & Deep Thoughts present The Drunk Santa Mix # 7

Here is the 7th installment of the Drunk Santa Playmix. It’s a rare gem from The Rotary Connection featuring Minnie Ripperton. If you don’t know who she is you must have a hole in your soul! Do the homework and enjoy!


02 Christmas Love

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Cold Eels & Deep Thoughts present The Drunk Santa Mix # 5

Another one for the fire! One of my all time favorites Luther Vandross Every Year at Christmas Time. PURE MURDER! Luther had the voice of velvet, and to hear this one always takes me back to looking at the Christmas tree in my parents living room. Anticipating the morning wondering what gifts were mine. I Love Christmas!




04 At Christmas Time

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Cold Eels & Deep Thoughts present The Drunk Santa Mix # 3

Here is another selection from the upcoming Holiday Playmix Smokey Robinson with The Temptations version of The Christmas Song. ENJOY!

26 The Christmas Song (Merry Christmas To You)

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Cold Eels & Deep Thoughts present The Drunk Santa Mix

Hello All,

With Christmas right around the corner, I plan to release a slew of Holiday songs to help you anticipate the holiday coming. Every day up until the 24th I will release one song for download that will be on the playmix The Drunk Santa Mix! I hope you enjoy them as they post!

First to bat!

The Temptations – Silent Night

08 Silent Night

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Dj Texas Toast presents The 713 Mixtape

Long time friend and musical guide DJ TEXAS TOAST blessed us with some new tunes for the summer. 30 Minutes of Murder. What more do I need to say?


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Audio Crime Scenes // This is it!

I listen to so much music all the time. Being a lover of music I naturally want to share the choice cuts. Here is a new category for everyone. AUDIO CRIME SCENES cause the murder i will present is so grizzly  I am positive that when this track was recorded somebody died in the studio.

Your gonna love it. We miss you MJ.


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