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The Refined Vanguards // It’s always sunny in LA Mixtape

My folks over at The Refined Vanguards just hit me with a much anticipated mix! Its always sunny in LA is pure uncut colombian, its vibe just makes you feel warm, you figure it out!


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DECON X Black Milk: Album of the Year Interview

Black Milk is that DUDE. Had to share this. Thanks to 2dopeboyz.

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Dj Texas Toast presents The 713 Mixtape

Long time friend and musical guide DJ TEXAS TOAST blessed us with some new tunes for the summer. 30 Minutes of Murder. What more do I need to say?


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Pilot Talk Trailer // Let me put you up on this

Okay Dame and Spitta. They say 7/13/2010. Im going to hold you to that.

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The Opposite of Weak // KING WOODS – Gold Records

I’ve been listening to this cat since 1992. Its time for everyone else to play catch up. Hailing from the Motor City Westside Woodz is no stranger to controversy. Recently making headlines for his play on the Kwame Kilpatrick news Woodz is a monster with his witty wordplay and refreshing flow. Check out more here.


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Why do we like Jay Electronica?

Why do we like Jay Electronica? What is the allure to this new emcee? Is it that so many established emcee’s have jumped on the bandwagon? Or is it something else? I believe it’s the rare combination of lyrics, quality beats, delivery, and an artistic expression. With so much commercialism, real listeners search for that feeling in Hip Hop. The intangible feeling you get when you hear a song that speaks to you personally. It’s more like Soul Hop. Many times in music today we have a predecessor to compare our favorite artists too, we have a root from whence this artistic vision sprung up from. We do not have that with Electronica. His delivery reminds me of none, his lyrical content reminds me of none, his tone is unlike any other. It’s the freshness of it, the unknown but very familiar sound that he creates. It’s invisible poetry.  Forget Exhibit C! Thats a dope cut but really check what this guy has to offer. You figure it out!

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Artistic Dirtnap // Alex Melamid

Russian born American artist Alex Melamid in 2008 debuted his first solo exhibition HOLY HIP HOP. Holy Hip-Hop!marks the first-ever solo show for Melamid, who is world-famous for his collaborative partnership with fellow Russian-born artist Vitaly Komar. Melamid himself has made news as the outspoken artist who once had his work dismantled and bulldozed by the Soviet government. Introduced to hip hop by his son. Melamid has created portraits of some of hip hop music most influential. That list includes Snoop Dogg, 50 Cent, Common, Kanye West, Reverend Run, Duke, Lil Jon, Don “Magic” Juan, Whoo Kid, Marc Ecko and Russell Simmons.

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Masters of the Universe!

This joint is crazy. I’m sick that this is mad old. Sorry for sleeping. LUDA!!

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Artistic Dirtnap: Jay Electronica

Over the past few weeks maybe since the beginning of the summer I have heard more and more about an artist that goes by the name of Jay Electronica. Who is Jay Electronica? I kept asking myself this question, and within the mounds of music that is sent to me from friends I did happen upon his music. I listen all day family, and many of the things I hear become background music or ambient noise around what is going on inside my mind. Electronica stood out. Electronica is art. The majority of my dirtnap posts are about visual artist that spark my mind, Jay did the exact same things with sounds, and lyrics, and ideas. I am a fan!

The first time I payed attention to him was with the “Queens get the Money” Nas track with him on production. If you have not heard that record your late, but if you have you knew immediately that something special was at play. I later heard about him being linked to Erykah Badu and also Just Blaze. I did some research and with help from the Wanderlust Pirate Mu Hefna I became enthrawed. This is something real listeners should take heed too. Electronica is creative hip hop. Never soft but also never afraid to take you there with intricate ideas and vivid stories. Check out this interview from Guerilla Union.

The track below is the one that got me hooked.


Exhibit A

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They Can’t Hide / The Death of Autotune

A lot of people talk about this song like it’s the greatest things since…since the last greatest thing. It’s cool, well better than cool its “Dope” in a Hip Hop sense. I’m not exactly impressed with Jay-Z’s flow on this record; I honestly wish he would have gone harder. Lets admit he has gone harder. What caught me was the off key horns, truly off key but also perfectly off key. It worked! You already know I began my search. I was happy that someone had done something new. I found the track on Souled on Music and would like to share it with you. The production on DOA was done by NO ID. “No ID on the track let the story begin” I do appreciate that he is a listener and although very similar to the sampled track but a very aggressive version of it. Zach Wolfe has an interview with him check it out here.

Here is the JAY-Z Video

I love that he destroys that BIG ASS CHAIN! Thank Jigga.

The sampled track

Janko Nilovic & Dave Sucky you figure it out.


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