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And the Winner is!! Leaders of the New School

Its a TIE!!!

Jay Electronica & Curren$y are the most anticipated emcees for 2011

Not much more to add aside from this!

9-09 The Day feat Mos Deaf and Jay Electronica

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Super Tuesday Poll // Leaders of the New School

2010 is OVER! Now we embark on 2011 and might i say that the last years music was refreshing! I found lots of new artist that made me happy about hip hop again. More organic artist entered the scene in the last two years and the new year promises to be one of good music. Who do you think will have a big year in 2011? What new artist are you looking forward to hearing more from. Here are a list of my new favorites!

Curren$y the Hot Spitta

Once a part of the Young Money Movement. Spitta broke out on his own and attacked the underground with a slew of mixtape and features. Pilot Talk 1 and 2 dropped in 2010 and I copped BOTH! The JETS movement is gaining steam and making things happen pay attention!

Wiz Khalifa

Pittsburgh player Wiz has been all over the place with his new single Black and Yellow but caught my attention with his How Fly Mixtape collab with Curren$y. The Kush and OJ mixtape released in 2010 is CLASSIC. I expect big things from him in 2011.

Jay Electronica

Although Electronica had most of his buzz before 2010 he recently signed with Jay-Z’s Roc Nation. So I hope he can do something with that


The long beard emcee from the O-H-TEN, has been seen on Curren$y features as well as the 24 hour Karate School LP by Ski Beatz. His flow is aggressive and conscience but he sounds the best over smoothed out tracks. Stalley is nice! Take Heed!

Big K.r.i.t.

Imagine the vibrato of PIMP C (Rip) mixed with the lyrical prowess of Bun B and you have Big Krit. A new Mississippi artist that has carved a niche for himself and recently signed with Def Jam. Krit got that heat! And he does his own beats!

The Cool Kids

The Midwest duo with the golden era sound! They remind me of a new era De La Soul. The Cool Kids have been around for a minute but have not gotten the attention they deserve. Lots of waits for the new album but i expect it to be well received when it finally drops this year.

Big Sean

The Motown emcee has been seen all over the place in the last few months, getting most of the new attention after ripping the BET Hip Hop Cypher with his GOOD music crew. I expect alot from my homegrown! He has the comedic content of Kanye , the lyrical fortitude of a nas type, with the arrogance of Cam! What a winning hand !





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The Reconstruction Period; Life after the death of Hip Hop.

Over the past decade and towards the end of the last century we all witnessed the state of hip hop decline and eventually die from the amount of wacknees infecting its vessel. The early 90’s are what some believe to be “The Golden Age” of the Hip Hop culture. All between 1990-1996 we saw the debut of artists such as Outkast, 2pac, BIG, Jay-Z, Nas, Snoop Dog and The Legendary Roots crew. The genre of hip hop or rap music was so broad you were exposed to artists on the mainstream and the underground that would be pillars in your collection. Not to say that the level of wackness was less however we had so many choices that the weak were cast aside as one hit wonders or novelty acts. Since the birth of the No Limit movement the level of under par music quality has overtaken the amount of true art within the culture. Now before you take my words as disrespect to Master P and what he did for hip hop please understand my statement. I have the upmost respect for Percy Miller and what he did for hip hop. P opened the door to being self made, taking notes from the careers of MC Hammer, Too Short, and the 2 Live Crew about how to make the streets follow you P allowed many young artist to have more power in the Major label offices. However this changed the industry, where it became more important for you to be self made rather than developed. It was smart on the industries side because why spend money trying to break an artist when you can just distribute an already established act to the masses.

With this new level in hip hop music, the culture was exposed to more consumers and hip hop itself became more or less “youth culture”. The money spenders saw huge dollar signs. This produced the machine of hip hop, where originality was thrown out and cookie cutter acts were produced to serve the trends. To me this began after the death of 2pac. Before his death to be a biter was the worst thing to be in our culture, but right after you became used to hearing 2pac copycats. Does Lil Zane ring a bell? This tainted the purity of the genre and many labels decided to jump on the band wagon of what was hot rather than seeking something new and innovative. This was the downward spiral.

Many hip hop purists believe that the southern rap scene is to blame. The more simplified lyrics, the dance songs, the call and response styles were very southern styles and added to the genre, more so than damaged it. You must remember acts like The Ghetto Boys, Big Mike, Outkast, UGK, and 8ball and MJG were all lyrical southern acts and very respected before the onslaught of southern rap. I believe the majors pushing “gimmick” acts were the last straw in the battle for hip hop relevance.

The wackness that killed hip hop was around long before it demise and it took years grow. I and many of my comrades thought the Cash Money movement was the tipping point. I remember watching Juvenile “Ha” video in the dorms and thinking how wack it was, but somehow knowing it would be HUGE. In retrospect this was a masterpiece of southern rap, and by far not as low as the standard went in years to come. Songs like “Laffy Taffy” and “In my White Tee” untimely killed the genre. I call this stage “The Dark Ages”. This gave a clear path to acts many purist despise, like Solja Boy Tell’m, Wacka Flocka Flame, and Lil Momma. The hip hop music that I grew up on was in the dark and could not be found.

During this dark time there were some shining stars, beacons of light if you will. Acts like Slum Village, and Little Brother shined though, making a path for Icons to trail. Icons like Kanye West would not have had a place in the genre if it were not for those two acts. If not for West, we would have no Lupe Fiascos, no Cool Kids, no dare I say it Drakes. This opened a new branch to the culture, and intellectual hip hop was born. Years from now SV and LB will go down in history for holding the torch during the darkest times. And now we have an abundance of promising new architects to bring the purity of the culture back to the people. The reconstruction period is here. Artist like Curren$y, Wiz Khalifa, Jay Electronica, Big Krit, Dom Kennedy, Big Sean and many more remind me of the hip hop I want to know about. They make songs that I want to learn, spitting lyrics that I want to learn and repeat. These are the first of many to come as we rebuild the sleeping giant. Keep your ear to the underground to hear the steps.

You figure it out.


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Why do we like Jay Electronica?

Why do we like Jay Electronica? What is the allure to this new emcee? Is it that so many established emcee’s have jumped on the bandwagon? Or is it something else? I believe it’s the rare combination of lyrics, quality beats, delivery, and an artistic expression. With so much commercialism, real listeners search for that feeling in Hip Hop. The intangible feeling you get when you hear a song that speaks to you personally. It’s more like Soul Hop. Many times in music today we have a predecessor to compare our favorite artists too, we have a root from whence this artistic vision sprung up from. We do not have that with Electronica. His delivery reminds me of none, his lyrical content reminds me of none, his tone is unlike any other. It’s the freshness of it, the unknown but very familiar sound that he creates. It’s invisible poetry. ¬†Forget Exhibit C! Thats a dope cut but really check what this guy has to offer. You figure it out!

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The Opposite of Weak // Exhibit C & F & S

Jay Electronica KILLED SO BAD ON EXHIBIT C…………..that he forced good MC’s out of the woodwork. The track by Just Blaze is still head nod worthy and i’m still not sick of the original. That Nick Fury killed all over the place, Joel is still as solid as ever, and to be honest Sha Stimuli’s version is dope. None move me like the original but all are worth a listen. You figure it out.

Jay Electronica – Exhibit C

Nickelus F – Exhibit F

Joel Ortiz – Exhibit C (Remix)

Sha Stimuli – Exhibit S


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They Can’t Hide // The sample hunters : Exhibit C – Jay Electronica

This track isn’t that new anymore but i have not exposed anybody in a while. Here is exhibit C by Jay Electronica produced by Just Blaze. I actually can’t take credit for finding this one. Souledonmusic.blogspot.com put me on so I gonna share the wealth. Check the song then grab the original.

The Original

BILLY STEWAT – Cross my heart

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Artistic Dirtnap: Jay Electronica

Over the past few weeks maybe since the beginning of the summer I have heard more and more about an artist that goes by the name of Jay Electronica. Who is Jay Electronica? I kept asking myself this question, and within the mounds of music that is sent to me from friends I did happen upon his music. I listen all day family, and many of the things I hear become background music or ambient noise around what is going on inside my mind. Electronica stood out. Electronica is art. The majority of my dirtnap posts are about visual artist that spark my mind, Jay did the exact same things with sounds, and lyrics, and ideas. I am a fan!

The first time I payed attention to him was with the “Queens get the Money” Nas track with him on production. If you have not heard that record your late, but if you have you knew immediately that something special was at play. I later heard about him being linked to Erykah Badu and also Just Blaze. I did some research and with help from the Wanderlust Pirate Mu Hefna I became enthrawed. This is something real listeners should take heed too. Electronica is creative hip hop. Never soft but also never afraid to take you there with intricate ideas and vivid stories. Check out this interview from Guerilla Union.

The track below is the one that got me hooked.


Exhibit A

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