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Guerra de la Paz // Artistic Dirtnaps

Guerra de la Paz is an art duo born in Cuba now based out of Miami. The team consists of two members Alain Guerra, and Neraldo de la Paz and has been creating since 1996. The work is always from a traditional aspect as far as ideas, but very innovative in its execution. Using more recycled elements to create pieces they could be considered “GREEN” artist. I found them while reading the INQMND blog and now im sharing it with you. Here are a few of the pieces they did using only recycled clothing. Check the colors and the amount of imagination needed to pull this off. MURDER!

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Dj Texas Toast presents The 713 Mixtape

Long time friend and musical guide DJ TEXAS TOAST blessed us with some new tunes for the summer. 30 Minutes of Murder. What more do I need to say?


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The (B)yond Side // Brandy – He Is

First time I heard this was a few years back while waiting in a theater for a movie to begin. It was Brandy, by this time she had already vanished from the main scene and this tune was from the Full Moon album from a few years before. I instantly fell in love with this song. Great lyrics, great melody, great by the book R&B. Take some time and listen it deserves it. Good Job Norwood!


05 he is

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Pilot Talk Trailer // Let me put you up on this

Okay Dame and Spitta. They say 7/13/2010. Im going to hold you to that.

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The Opposite of Weak // Diz Gibran

I got hip to this track early in 2009 by way of JENESIS mag. My daimy Mr. Agnew put me on game about “The Exactly presents: Your new favorite mixtape” and now I can put you on it too. Here is one of my favorite songs from that compilation. The track is produced by Moonshine and its murder, the song is pretty dope. ¬†You figure it out. Chilli

Download here

Diz Gibran feat. BJ the Chicago Kid – Truly Yours

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Let me put you on this // Mayer Hawthorne


I’ve been on this album for a little more than a month now and I can’t get enough of it. Mayer Hawthorne’s A Strange Arrangement is dope. I love the classic sound that he has totally captured in all of it essence. If you dig Oldies but Goodies this is for you, or even if you just need a fresh take on R&B check it out. The album is so good I dont even want to share it for free, he deserves for you to buy it. Here are a few videos to get your mouth watering.

you figure it out



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Artistic Dirtnap // Rockin Jellybean


While checking Juxtapoz.com I ran across a bloody scene. There was murder on the floor, on the walls, on the ceiling, it was everywhere and it was Rockin Jellybean. Rockin Jellybean is a Japanese artist who has gained fame through his very detailed pinup style pop art.

The art is dynamic with composition and the colors are cartoonish but yet very realistic. He creates fantasy girl images with the faces of angels and the bodies of devils, his work is very cool and many times borderline raunchy if not down right pornographic but it works. The artist himself is a great character wearing luchidor masks to his appearances with at least two dime pieces on his arm to further increase the persona. He is a beast. Enjoy it.


You figure it out.

Check more here

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Artistic Dirtnap : Mark Fredrickson

I grew up in the 80’s. I am not an eighties baby to keep it real however the majority of my adolescence was within it. If you are an eighties baby or even around my age you know that the end all for school supplies was none other than the TRAPPER KEEPER. I have always been a fan of the TK not only for the utility of it but for the mind-blowing art on the covers.

I can vividly remember the art changing from simple shapes, to neon patterns, to fully rendered pieces of art. My favorite featured artist was and still is Mark Fredrickson. Fredrickson’s works are highly recognized by his dynamic visions and photo realistic paint skills. He began his career after graduating from Tennessee Temple College in Chattanooga, Tennessee and landing a job with the Arizona Star Weekly as an editorial artist. Mark quickly became well known after leaving the paper for a freelance career. He has created covers for Mad Magazine as well as Time. My personal favorites where the pieces he did for Mead. Check out some of his work.

You figure it out



Check out more here

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Araab Muzik : The Opposite of Weak

This video has been floating around the net for a little while now and every time I see it I’m in awe. Dipset producer Araab Muzik = ANIMAL! This guy is something else on the MPC plus he’s is only 19 years old. WOW. His impromptu hand game is crazy watch the video.

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