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They Can’t Hide // The Sample Hunters: Wiz Khalifa

Being a nerd has its perks. Big ups to The Rebel Club’s own Cr1k for putting me on to this one. Very creative sampling! @dalesmash is a big fan on it!

Original – Chrono Trigger Schala’s Theme

Sampled – Wiz Khalifa / Never Been


10 – Never Been

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Super Tuesday Poll // Leaders of the New School

2010 is OVER! Now we embark on 2011 and might i say that the last years music was refreshing! I found lots of new artist that made me happy about hip hop again. More organic artist entered the scene in the last two years and the new year promises to be one of good music. Who do you think will have a big year in 2011? What new artist are you looking forward to hearing more from. Here are a list of my new favorites!

Curren$y the Hot Spitta

Once a part of the Young Money Movement. Spitta broke out on his own and attacked the underground with a slew of mixtape and features. Pilot Talk 1 and 2 dropped in 2010 and I copped BOTH! The JETS movement is gaining steam and making things happen pay attention!

Wiz Khalifa

Pittsburgh player Wiz has been all over the place with his new single Black and Yellow but caught my attention with his How Fly Mixtape collab with Curren$y. The Kush and OJ mixtape released in 2010 is CLASSIC. I expect big things from him in 2011.

Jay Electronica

Although Electronica had most of his buzz before 2010 he recently signed with Jay-Z’s Roc Nation. So I hope he can do something with that


The long beard emcee from the O-H-TEN, has been seen on Curren$y features as well as the 24 hour Karate School LP by Ski Beatz. His flow is aggressive and conscience but he sounds the best over smoothed out tracks. Stalley is nice! Take Heed!

Big K.r.i.t.

Imagine the vibrato of PIMP C (Rip) mixed with the lyrical prowess of Bun B and you have Big Krit. A new Mississippi artist that has carved a niche for himself and recently signed with Def Jam. Krit got that heat! And he does his own beats!

The Cool Kids

The Midwest duo with the golden era sound! They remind me of a new era De La Soul. The Cool Kids have been around for a minute but have not gotten the attention they deserve. Lots of waits for the new album but i expect it to be well received when it finally drops this year.

Big Sean

The Motown emcee has been seen all over the place in the last few months, getting most of the new attention after ripping the BET Hip Hop Cypher with his GOOD music crew. I expect alot from my homegrown! He has the comedic content of Kanye , the lyrical fortitude of a nas type, with the arrogance of Cam! What a winning hand !





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Cortex – Troupeau Bleu / Audio Crimescene

I was stuck on repeat yesterday and I kept listening to MF DOOM One Beer and Wiz Khalifa Visons on my itunes. Both of these songs sampled a track called “Huit Octobre 1971” By a band called Cortex. Cortex. I wasnt able to find much info about the band itself but I know its french, and its funky. The melodies are haunting and the rhythms are crazy. Im sure you will enjoy it. Found a link to the whole album on RAPPAMELO. Check a sample here.

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Kush & OJ

If you don’t… i don’t know why.

I swear they rocked the Cold Eeels Deep Thoughts Mixtape : Music from my trip to Jupiter before recording this mixtape, but maybe great minds just think alike. JETS!


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