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SCARFACE the school play. SMH

This may be the greatest and worst thing I have ever seen. I don’t know if I should laugh or cry.

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I know everyone on earth has posted this video, but Badu is so PHAT i had to post it as well. Not to mention I grabbed the album today and its nothing but murder.


Music to distract you while working Mix

I just threw this mix together to zone out while working. I was inspired by Office Space. Check it out its 55 minutes long and uncut (pause). I wonder how much of if it you can hear before somebody comes to bother you.

Another Case of the Mondays


Let me put you on this // I’m GOOOOOOOD Money

New way to break out of the regular. Are you tired of reading blog that kiss ass for exclusives, are you over all the meat riding, and all the folks attempting to keep up with the Kardashians? If you are I have the blog for you. is for you! This is an alternate view on the everyday things that are important to the real Nutrino’s (future kids). This is the best brand of HATE available. From gear to Gucci these dudes will HATE and give you a chuckle along the way. If you aint scared check it out here.




O’Shay Jackson himself


Lets face it, Ice Cube is the man! Say what you want about how his persona has changed and how you might like Curl Cube better, but lets give credit where its due. Ice Cube has been a continuing factor in Hollyweird. He has made the transition from Hip Hop to Hollywood without compromising who he is. Yeah he used to be the Bitch Killa but now he wears headwraps in Barbershops but its called growing up and I aint mad at it. Although we are big fans of Ice T and the classics he has under his belt. He was in Leprechaun in the Hood baby! We do agree with the result that Ice Cube has had a better acting career. T has done more but Cube has done better. Friday……..CAN YOU DIG IT……….MAN!

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Super Tuesday Poll / Ice T or Ice Cube Movies

Okay we all are familiar with rappers turning into actors after their careers start to decline. Two of the original architects of this particular career move are Ice Cube and Ice T. They have both come a long way from the original personas that we know and remember, and Ice T has done alot more movies, and Cube has moved toward directing and producing. But who has the best collection of works? Both have done leading man work, both have done dramatic parts, action and comedic roles. These two have been very successful but who is the fan¬†fave¬†acting wise? Cube or T…

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The Opposite of Weak // Mellow My Maniac MIXTAPE

The Caucajun Cookie is at it again with a new collection of rare grooves to make you move. This kid has the conduit of cool and he is willing to share it with you and I. Please enjoy!!

Mellow My Maniac

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Audio Crimescene // The Dream FANCY

As commercial as it is. The Dream has that sound baby! Loved the first album and loved the 2nd go round just as much. I have no idea why he only gets limited play. This is one of my favorite cuts from the last album. FANCY is pure murder! Enjoy

10 Fancy

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El-Zhi DEEP Video

One of my favorite MC’s out right now. El Zhi of Slum Village, my Detroit homegrown is back with a video for his underground hit Deep. I just had to share it. You figure it out!

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YES!! The greatest fighting game EVER, Street Fighter IV is now available for the iPhone and the iPod Touch. The graphics are awesome, and the game play is pretty good for a phone app. There are only 8 selectable characters, and the game is 10 bucks which is steep but if your a SF fan its so worth it. Check it.

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