Hustle Hard or Go Home

Its week 4 everyone. I have managed to keep my patience for the most part of what is going on a month. A month of realigning my life with the current circumstances. I’ve sent out countless resumes and cover letters to a limited amount of companies and job listings. I have had some good days and some not so good days, but as I’ve said before being positive is the only option. Its hustle hard or go home time. I have no time to complain just time to campaign and that’s what I have been doing.

This past weekend was good. Thanks to my friends over at Pillage, Plunder & Associates. I was able to hustle CEDT at the 2011 Addidas Sneakercon here in New York City. It was a great event with lots of different vendors with their own particular products. The event was mostly for sneaker collectors and folks who wanted to trade or sell unique shoes, but it was also a great opportunity to get Cold Eels & Deep Thoughts to the public. I only sold a few items but I did manage to sell out of one of my most popular products. The Abe Dead Prez tee sold its last print for 2011. I was happy to make the money and very happy to give out a TON of stickers and card in hopes of getting more attention to the website and the work.

That event lit a hotter fire underneath me. It reaffirmed that I do have something lots of people out here might want. I know I have what I need to make some things happen for myself whatever the situation. I am a hustler! Not in a street sense but in a life sense. I refuse to lose and I will do whatever in my power to set things in motion that will allow me to win! Sitting at home waiting will do nothing, but getting out there and into people’s faces with positive energy and dynamic artwork will do something. Hey at the least it will make me feel productive.

The thing is this. I might not know where my next check is coming from, but i do know that im talented. I know im not a hard person to work with, and I work hard. In my over 8 years of working as a professional designer I have never been out of work for long. That is comforting. I know that this is just another part of the quest. Keep cool and keep hustling!

Week 4

Send out more resumes and cover letters. CHECK

Make follow-up calls to companies I have sent my pack to. CHECK

Get ready for the holidays CHECK

Here are some photos from Sneakercon 2011

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thanks for the support.

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