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Showing Up

Finally back to it. I’ve waited a little longer to post anything on CEDT because i wanted to give my life some time to settle. If you have kept up you know that I have recently rejoined the race and am currently sharing my talents with a new brand within and old company. Without getting into details, I’ve been given the opportunity to shape a brand into what I see for it. It is my vision in conjunction with a spectacular team and equally visionary directors and managers. I am happy to be BACK!

Now that I am back into the swing of things, I constantly remind myself of why I am here. I remind myself of where I just was. I hold fast to the hunger I had while searching for the next shot. That keeps me sharp, but its a double edge sword as well. Creating is what I do, and my job solely revolves around that. I love that but it can also turn me into a workaholic if I am not mindful. I can easily zone into what I am doing., and when working under deadlines I often push myself past my limits.

I think its important to show up, but equally important to go home. When i say “show up” I mean to show and prove. To prove yourself not only to your new employer but also to yourself. But when its time to go home, its time to go home. We can work late, we can go in early, we can pull all nighters, but squeezing blood from rocks is pointless. As a creative professional I need to rest my mind to recharge. Getting away from your passion can only keep it strong in my opinion. What you do to relax the muscle is up to you.

You figure it out.

God Bless


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