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EPIC Productions: TATS & TEES Art Show

Come and show support to the finest collection of creative minds in Virginia Beach!  October 10th 2010.

Come See Us at The Side St. Cantina along with Gabriel Cece, Tanane Whitfield, Emily Sue Goggia-Harrison, Drewski, Carl Huggins, Sean Karn, Jude Aurilio, Logan Miles Davis, Mike Caan, Dominick Taylor, Igor Acord, Adam Roth of Roth Printing & Design, Katerin Goold, Dos Manos Jewelry. Its gonna be AWESOME.

Price is 1 WHOLE DOLLAR!!

The Time: Sunday, October 10 at 7:00pm – October 11 at 1:00am

The amount of visual stimuli is PRICELESS!!

Mention the Coldeels Manifesto and Password : OUTCOLD and receive $5 off any purchase!!

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Cold Eels & Deep Thoughts X Dfined Magazine

Our very own Richard Bestia had the chance to chop it up with our family from the Westcoast at Dfined Magazine for an exclusive interview about our vision and the future of creativity!! The Manifesto has added this Magazine publication to the blogroll so you can see it anytime. Dfined is based out of the Bay Area and had the exclusive interviews to the hottest models, new musical acts, and of course leaders of the Creative Movement. Check out the interview right here!

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The Opposite of Weak // Vice 2 Addiction

A new joint for the Blogroll. Take a gander at my mans Banks newest venture. The content is on a million. Im excited about this one.

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Audio Crime Scenes – Lilies Of The Nile

Here is a joint by none other than THE CRUSADERS. 9:34 of pure murder!  It’s from the 1974 Southern Comfort album. Its dope if you want to know more RESEARCH IT!!


10 – Lilies Of The Nile

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THE REVISIT!!! Music from my Trip to Jupiter MIXTAPE

Its the return of a CLASSIC!! Here is a reloaded version of the ORGINAL!! Take a trip with me to the stars.

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The Tragedy of Tony Thompson

Do you remember Tony Thompson? No? How about the 90’s r&b group Hi-Five. Tony was the lead singer of the texas quintet. You can recall his voice on classic songs like “I like (The Kissing Game)” or even songs like Quality Time. Hi-Five were one of the more popular groups within the New Jack Swing Era, but with the decline in popularity of that genre many groups like Hi-Five faded into the background. Tony found some solo success with songs like “I want a love like that” but eventually became someone you spoke about while reminiscing. So many personalities from that era become just memories and you rarely ever know what has happened to them, thats until a tragedy occurs. It was June 1st 2007 when the 31 year old body of Tony Thompson was found dead behind his apartment building. After autopsy the cause of death was determined to be Freon poisoning. Some say that Thompson had fallen victim to drugs after his career lost its spark and overdosed while attempting to huff the freon, others say that his death as accidental and Thompson succumbed to the poison while trying to fix the damaged AC unit. No matter the circumstances he is and will be forever missed by fans of his voice and his music. RIP T.T.

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