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Artistic Dirtnap: Jay Electronica

Over the past few weeks maybe since the beginning of the summer I have heard more and more about an artist that goes by the name of Jay Electronica. Who is Jay Electronica? I kept asking myself this question, and within the mounds of music that is sent to me from friends I did happen upon his music. I listen all day family, and many of the things I hear become background music or ambient noise around what is going on inside my mind. Electronica stood out. Electronica is art. The majority of my dirtnap posts are about visual artist that spark my mind, Jay did the exact same things with sounds, and lyrics, and ideas. I am a fan!

The first time I payed attention to him was with the “Queens get the Money” Nas track with him on production. If you have not heard that record your late, but if you have you knew immediately that something special was at play. I later heard about him being linked to Erykah Badu and also Just Blaze. I did some research and with help from the Wanderlust Pirate Mu Hefna I became enthrawed. This is something real listeners should take heed too. Electronica is creative hip hop. Never soft but also never afraid to take you there with intricate ideas and vivid stories. Check out this interview from Guerilla Union.

The track below is the one that got me hooked.


Exhibit A

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The Opposite of Weak // Diomedical Labs Inc.

Picture 11

Hello Soul Scholars.

I know I have been away for what seems like ages. To be exact I was on a quest for knowledge. I am learning many new things from my future self and all will be revealed soon. I did not want to aimlessly post for you until I was able to give you something new. Something thought provoking. I have found it. Enjoy!


They Can’t Hide / Drake – Lust for life

My musical motto is, “If I like it I share it”. As many of you I have become a fan of the Drake So Far So Gone mix-tape, I became a fan long before “Best I ever had” became a radio giant, and long before everyone else became a Drake dick rider. I won’t hate on Drizzy he has gained points with me for being somewhat original, its refreshing. If you ask lots of fans will tell you that songs like Successful and Best I ever had are their favorites, when there are far better cuts on the mix-tape itself. One of my favorites is Lust for life. I did a bit of research and found the sample to share with you. Check it out.

Here is Drake – Lust for Life

Here is the sample

Tears for Fears – Ideas as Opiates

I’ll will try to post the mp3 soon.


Artistic Dirtnap : Mark Fredrickson

I grew up in the 80’s. I am not an eighties baby to keep it real however the majority of my adolescence was within it. If you are an eighties baby or even around my age you know that the end all for school supplies was none other than the TRAPPER KEEPER. I have always been a fan of the TK not only for the utility of it but for the mind-blowing art on the covers.

I can vividly remember the art changing from simple shapes, to neon patterns, to fully rendered pieces of art. My favorite featured artist was and still is Mark Fredrickson. Fredrickson’s works are highly recognized by his dynamic visions and photo realistic paint skills. He began his career after graduating from Tennessee Temple College in Chattanooga, Tennessee and landing a job with the Arizona Star Weekly as an editorial artist. Mark quickly became well known after leaving the paper for a freelance career. He has created covers for Mad Magazine as well as Time. My personal favorites where the pieces he did for Mead. Check out some of his work.

You figure it out



Check out more here

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They Can’t Hide // Drake – Best i ever had

It’s almost pointless to doubt it by now. NONE SHALL HIDE FROM THE ALL SEEING EYE of Chilli Coldblud. Even newcommer Drake is exposed.

After a bit of research I learned that a producer that goes by Boi 1da created the radio hit. The sample was found in a very unlikely place Classic Rock. Its sampled from a song called “Fallin’ in love” by Hamilton, Joe Frank, & Reynolds. You figure it out.


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SPACE – Magic Fly / Let me put you on this

I just need people to see this.


DMB / The Opposite of Weak.

Hip-hop is within a paradigm shift. The old model of what was simply no longer is. We will not go back to 1992. But rather than look back look to the future. Look beyond what the squares find entertaining or should I say the commercial garbage. Seek and find the sounds. If you love hip-hop you already know what elements are needed for you to be completely involved, so explanation is not required.

So what is the future of Hip Hop? We are the future of hip-hop. Mos Def said it “Hip Hop is going where We are going.” I dig that. Right now we are in a recession, people are struggling and people are pushing, but also people are creating. Ideas are glowing and new music is playing. I found some new music and its get this its “REAL HIP HOP” Remember that? Check out Detroit artists DMB. Dope lyrics, dope beats, that’s the formula.

You figure it out


R.I.P. Baatin

Detroit’s own Titus Glover better known as Baatin of Slum Village has passed away. Details are still emerging about the cause of his death however it has been known that Baatin had previously suffered from emotional as well as mental problems. None the less we have lost a great part of Detroit Hip Hop as well as an icon in Rap music.

Slum Village

RIP brother

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