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Mixtape USB Drive / Let me put you on this

Remember back in the days before digital music players and MP3s? If you do, then you probably made compilations of all your favorite music, to share with your friends and loved ones, on good old fashioned blank cassette tapes. If you miss making mix tapes this product will inspire you again!

It’s simple yet effective.


Check it out here

SPACE IS THE PLACE / Let me put you on this.

FEED YOUR BRAIN! Transmolecularization is on the way!

sun-ra-profile2.jpgThe name is SUN-RA. Place of birth according to him is SPACE! Sounds crazy I know but try to understand. I found Sun-Ra a few years ago but did not truly understand who or what I was absorbing. Some of the sounds are very non traditional but the message is universal. When I found out more about him I totally embraced his personality. He is another that walked a fine line between genius and insanity. He believes we are all instruments, and we all play our part in the universe. Feed your brain for a few ticks and get hip to the BROTHER FROM ANOTHER PLANET!  Change the universe.

You figure it out.


Araab Muzik : The Opposite of Weak

This video has been floating around the net for a little while now and every time I see it I’m in awe. Dipset producer Araab Muzik = ANIMAL! This guy is something else on the MPC plus he’s is only 19 years old. WOW. His impromptu hand game is crazy watch the video.

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Artistic Dirtnap / Drew Struzan

We have all seen his work and never thought twice about who he is. Just a few posts ago I gave you a path to one of the most influential album cover artist Mati Klarwein. Now we go to the flip-side of the same style. MOVIE POSTERS!! Many artists although fans of the genre may not even be able to name one contributor for you. In this digital age the sometimes the art side is played down. Drew Struzan is the man. He is the genius behind the Star Wars Epics posters, as well as The Indiana Jones movies. Struzan is a mixed medium artist who uses paints, conte crayon, and colored pencil to create some of the most memorable images within pop culture. But thats not the half of it, his studio pieces are mind blowing. Check his site out here. its worth it.


Thanks PP&A for reminding me of this guy! FDF for life!


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They Can’t Hide / The Death of Autotune

A lot of people talk about this song like it’s the greatest things since…since the last greatest thing. It’s cool, well better than cool its “Dope” in a Hip Hop sense. I’m not exactly impressed with Jay-Z’s flow on this record; I honestly wish he would have gone harder. Lets admit he has gone harder. What caught me was the off key horns, truly off key but also perfectly off key. It worked! You already know I began my search. I was happy that someone had done something new. I found the track on Souled on Music and would like to share it with you. The production on DOA was done by NO ID. “No ID on the track let the story begin” I do appreciate that he is a listener and although very similar to the sampled track but a very aggressive version of it. Zach Wolfe has an interview with him check it out here.

Here is the JAY-Z Video

I love that he destroys that BIG ASS CHAIN! Thank Jigga.

The sampled track

Janko Nilovic & Dave Sucky you figure it out.


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Artistic Dirtnap : Mati Klarwein

In my travels I search for sounds. Echoes and influences of the music slow minds call “popular” take me to an older variety of melodic choices. As I listen I put visions to the sounds, create pictures purely dictated by the music. Once upon a time when beyounders were no longer afraid to create something new we had sparks like Miles Davis, and groups like Santana. These geniuses could make a new dance for your sprit and the album covers gave you the vision. I always loved Album Art and some artist stuck out more than others. Mati Klarwein is the artist behind the visual murder on albums like Bitches Brew, and Live Evil both by Miles Davis. Check him out its worth it.




Check out more HERE matibr

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The Opposite of Weak / The Boogie Monsters Michael Jackson Mixtape

A collection of choice cuts from the KING OF POP. RIP MJ

BoogieMonsters MJmix

1.Dancing Machine / Michael Jackson

2.Blame it on the Boogie / Michael Jackson

3.Let me show you the way to go / Michael Jackson

4.All i do is think of you / Michael Jackson

5.I can’t help it / Michael Jackson

6.Don’t stop till you get enough / Michael Jackson

7.Beat it / Michael Jackson

8.Can you feel it / Michael Jackson

9.Billy Jean ** Smurf Smith Exclusive / Michael Jackson

10.Human Nature / Michael Jackson

11.Say Say Say / Michael Jackson

12.Somebody’s watching me / Michael Jackson with Rockwell

13.PYT / Michael Jackson

14.You rock my world / Michael Jackson

15.Ain’t no sunshine / Michael Jackson

16.Never can say goodbye / Michael Jackson