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Super Tuesday Vote // The Downgrade

Another crazy late night conversation about pop culture that resulted in me posing a new question to my visitors. With all the stars in hollywood and sports who has downgraded the most from being a sex symbol or ideal standard to something you are tired of seeing or hearing about. This downgrade has nothing to do with physical appearance but more to do with personal actions. You make the call!

Jennifer Lopez or J-Lo

Rise: Started out as a flygirl, moved on to that banger in Money Train and later got super famous for her performance of “Selenas” in the biopic Selana thus transforming her into a SUPERDIVA!!

Donwfall: First not riding for Puff, totally understandable but it was all good just a week ago. Second putting out mad music with minimum skills but behaving like you do. Thats not hate, its just iight to me. Third being every damn where for a while. GO AWAY J-LO!


Rise: Started out as a club reggae type thing that was catchy and cute, then transformed into a slightly left from center R&B badgirl who has a spark of freak in her. Thanks for the camera pics darling!

Downfall: Not advocating the act, but why must you bring up the Chris Brown drama in every interview? Yes its bad but LET IT GO! Now it looks like you are using it to bring attention back to yourself NOT COOL! Secondly alot of the comments you have made about your personal life and lifestyle suggest that you are a bit on the trashy side. Third that red hair is pretty weak.

Chris Brown:

Rise: The cute kid with moves like MJ and a voice like no other. You were in the heart of every preteen of america with radio hits and a acting career. You were on the verge of it all Mr. Brown, and might be able to reclaim it.

Downfall: A good girl gone bad. Laying hands is a punk move, no matter what a woman does. Plus, some of the fits your rocked during your apology campaign were weak. On top of that you whined when your less than stellar album did not sale as much as you expected.

Lauren London:

Rise: From the cutey in the Frontin Video to the Banger in ATL. To the personification of what Bobby Brown called a Tenderoni!

Downfall: Letting Lil Wayne rawdog.

Lebron James:

Rise: The Chosen One!

Downfall: Believing he was The Chosen One!

Amber Rose:

Rise: The bald headed beast on Kanye’s arm, who had half of the redbones in america going for the bald blonde look. The model type chick who looked like a Grade A Slut and we loved her for it!

Downfall: Opening her mouth and speaking words.

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Artistic Dirtnap // Banks Media

This guy has been making noise in the Virginia Beach and surrounding areas for a little while now. Lending his services to Multi Million dollar companies like Blac Label Premium Product, Antik Denim, and previously SHMACK, Banks has dedicated himself into the art of visual documentation. He has also worked with the Leaders of the new style school such as Commodore Brand, Loose Lips, WEOK, and of course Cold Eels & Deep Thoughts His photographic eye is stellar and his concepts are sharp! Banks is on the way to the top! Check out his new series DEVIL IN A RED DRESS here!

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The Opposite of Weak // Rachel Stuart

I had the chance to watch the Soultrain Music Awards 2010 last night and caught a glimpse of an old flame. I remember when we met, her accent was super strong and she came to visit me after hanging out with Donnie Simpson. Her name is Rachel Stuart and she is THE OPPOSITE OF WEAK! She first came into my life on Caribbean Rhythms also on BET then went on to capture my heart on Video Soul and Planet Groove as the host. Rachel is still going pretty hard today although its been years since she has been seen in the public arena. I just had to do a post about it.

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The Opposite of Weak // Vampire in Brooklyn 1995

Thought of as one of Eddie Murphy’s flops, Vampire in Brooklyn directed by Wes Craven has turned into one of my favorite Murphy films. Thanks to instant NetFlix i was able to revisit this jewel and I must say I enjoyed it. The cast included a number of black actors who we have grown to know including John Witherspoon and Kadeem Hardison, both give a helluva funny performance. It might not be one of the biggest but defiantly good for a weekend.

You figure it out!

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Diary of a Tired Black Man – Let me put you on this.

I had the chance to check out this Docu/film last night on Netflix. Finally the males perspective on dating today. Please support this film. Maybe I can exhale after this one. HA!

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The Walking Dead…You better come on in

Only the third episode has premiered but I am hooked. Its a new horror series based off another Graphic Novel. I don’t want to tell you anything just watch it. Its on basic cable get on it!! Sunday nights at 10pm.

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Kanye West IS RICH AS HELL!!!

Hey I like Kanye but that dude is rich as hell. This wont matter much. So here ya go!

My Dark Twisted Fantasy


Artistic Dirtnap // Jim Lee

Earlier this week I blogged about one of my favorite Comic Artist Todd McFarlane, so to keep the same vibe going I present to you Jim Lee. Jim Lee is a Korean American born artist, writer and publisher. He first broke into the industry in 1987 as an artist for Marvel Comics, illustrating titles such as Alpha Flight and Punisher War Journal, before gaining a great deal of popularity on The Uncanny X-Men. In 1992 he and several other artists including McFarlane formed their own publishing company, Image Comics, to publish their creator-owned titles, with Lee publishing his titles through his studio, Wildstorm Productions, such as WildC.A.T.s and Gen¹³. Eschewing the role of publisher in order to return to illustration, Lee sold Wildstorm in 1998 toDC Comics, where he illustrated the successful year-long “Hush” and “For Tomorrow” storylines that appeared in Batman and Superman, respectively. On February 18, 2010, Jim Lee was announced as the new Co-Publisher of DC Comics with Dan DiDio, both replacingPaul Levitz. He has received a Harvey Award, Inkpot Award and three Wizard Fan Awards in recognition for his work. Here is some of the work you might recognize.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

See more here

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Michael Jackson X Cirque Du Soleil

What a perfect way to Celebrate the KING OF POP!!

Michael Jackson: The Immortal World Tour, a Cirque du Soleil production based on Jackson’s music and career, begins its North American run next Oct. 2 in Montreal. It plays 14 mostly Canadian cities in 2011, with 13 more announced already for 2012. Tickets are currently on sale to subscribers and Cirque Club members, with general sales starting Nov. 6. Additional cities and multi-night engagements are expected to be announced.


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Cold Eels & Deep Thoughts present: Deep Thoughts Radio Vol. 1

Its been a while since I have posted a playlist for you all to enjoy. I have for youDEEP THOUGHTS RADIO Vol. 1 Have a Glass of Wine. This is a collection of songs I would want to hear on the radio while i’m buzzed on Red Wine, most likely around 11:45 in the evening looking at the sky close to the midnight hour. When you listen to this a wild Ocelot materializes right on your forearm for you to pet and feel purr (pp&a). The playlist isn’t genre specific. I have a bit of the old some of the new but all of the murder. It’s the dopeness.



1. K’Jon – Out on the ocean

2. Andre 3000 – Prototype

3. The Guess Who – Sour Suite

4. Sir Michael Rocks – S.S. (Summer Song)

5. Peabo Byrson – Born to Love

6. Willie Max feat. Raphael Saadiq- Can’t Get Enough

7. David Ruffin – Slow Dance

8. Cody Chestnut – Serve this Royalty

9. The 5th Dimension – Requiem: 820 Latham

10. Brian Bennett – Solstice

11. Bilal – Little One

12. Janelle Monet’ – Neon Valley Street

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